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Name:lacie baskerville
Birthdate:Aug 14

[ Carefree and impulsive, kind and full of insight. A cruel, twisted girl who moved in and out of people's live without a shred of remorse, observing the world around her with eyes unclouded by prejudice. Although she was proned to act mostly upon her own whims, she was still capable of feeling true love and affection, while also understanding the character and motivations of those around her.

A walking contradiction. A mentally unstable woman.

Born with deep crimson eyes, she was called a 'child of misfortune' by humanity, and sentenced to one day be thrown into the abyss to be consumed and destroyed down to her very soul. It was a sentence she could never escape, nor did she ever tried to. Embracing her numbered days, the girl continued to live as she wanted right until the very end, deeply loving the cruel, twisted world she was born into. ]
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